Thursday, 11 February 2010

OCTAEDRO FESTIVAL People´s Awards 2010

The OCTAEDRO FESTIVAL in Quito, Ecuador has just published the festivals results and guess what... The Persisten Professro Heinz and the Elusive Yeti won the Animation Prize!! This was really unexpected, it would have been great to have been there to see the rest of the films. The winners were selected by the public which is probably the most satisfying thing about this unexpected prize. Thanks to everyone who voted for my film!

Gracias a todas las personas que votaron por mi corto! A la Fundación Octaedro gracias por darnos el espacio para disfrutar los cortos y fomentar la animación!

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  1. Simon that is absolute FANTASTIC news!! Congratulations La Costa! I'm super proud! Sending you telepathic *hugs*!!! It is a brilliant film! I'm so proud I'm in the credits! hehe xxDot