Friday, 21 August 2009

Sketchbook July-August 09'

Finally a post... after months here is some new stuff from my latest sketchbook, its a mix of everything I was looking at during the past month. I was focusing on trying difrent styles and source materials, I used a lot of photos and books for inspiration.

As a side note a friend from the Gobelin Summer School told me how someone she knows was completeing a sketch book a week! hopefully I might train myself to reaching that dedication.

Little kids in the Amazon

Shaman masks, notice bottom-left one is from Spirited Away

Michel Jordan air time!

Dance dinamic poses

This little kid sat infront of me during a coach journey from London to Bristol... he cried the whole way...

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  1. Hey so cool! Who's finishing a sketchbook a week?! That's insane! Ah well, I absolutely LOVE the giraffe you have up - it's my favorite :) Keep up the good work... I'm gonna hafta update my blog at some point >(...